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Follow The Angel

Angelfactory loves and respects nature.

That love and respect we foster for nature have driven us to create the best all-natural Personal care range available.

We’re not driven by profit but driven by results. We believed that if a consumer can see positive results after using our products, it will lead to regular use and growth in our business. And, even in today’s marketing-driven age, seeing results is ever more important.

The proceeds we make from each sale get invested back into further research and development. We see this as “reinvesting back into our consumers” by offering world-class products that show significant results that won’t cost an arm or a leg.

This is how we improve our products by investing back into our customers. This makes it a win-win situation for all customers/consumers.

But, you may ask, why?

We’ve seen many individuals develop health issues because of products that are packed with harmful chemicals/synthetics. These are products that were manufactured by big-brand companies. we believed in and trusted with our lives. Many of the ingredients found in your more mainstream products can cause health issues, and can even heighten allergies in many individuals. Some are also bad for the Immune system.

And, most of the ingredients in these products cause 89% of all skin problems today.

We care about the health of every individual across the globe. That’s why we strongly advocate an all-natural approach to our business and the fact that our products proudly carry the all-natural seal of approval. Just Follow the Angel. You are in good company…

Angelic wishes
The Angelfactory Team

One thought on “Follow The Angel

  1. I first used the Facial ash Black Detox in 2019 and was instantly impressed with how clean and refreshed my skin felt after use. There was a tingle as well as I washed for a few days but that didnt bother me – to me, I felt it was part of the process.
    I followed up with the Advance repair daytime beauty balm as day moisturizer and then at night, the night care beauty balm and alternated with repair serum.
    Within 2 weeks, i noticed my breakouts had reduced and my skin felt and looked more refreshed and brighter and more youthful.
    I would definitely recommend these products without a doubt to anyone. Affordable, harmless as they are 100% natural.

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