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Our Angelfactory Laundry Bar Soap is made with only organic coconut oil and works like magic to keep your whites bright and clean. More and more people and children shows an allergic reaction from using commercial chemical packed washing powders and detergents, We have developed this 100% natural organic soap specially for these people. Specially for use on Baby clothing as its 100% natural and contains Zero chemicals or synthetics.

Great for whites, kitchen cloths and hardworking fabrics. Can be used on all kinds of fabric and clothing, but a color test is advised on gentler or heavily colored fabrics. Can also be grated into the washing machine and a great natural alternative to wash your baby clothes with.

Angelfactory Laundry Bar contains no chemicals, additives, colorants or preservatives and is highly recommended for people with eczema and skin allergies. Once you eliminate the chemicals you use in your washing, skin irritation from laundry powders can also be eliminated. We do not use any animal fat but are 100% Plant based. We know that animal fats are where all growth hormones, stimulants and antibiotics are stored, so we will never use that in any of our products. Grass fed beef normally does not have any tallow so in South Africa we cannot say that products made with animal fat are in fact Grass fed only. For best results and best practice choose Angelfactory. The leaders in 100% Natural.

Angelfactory Laundry Bar is also great to remove oil, grease and stains from your hands, but not recommended for your body as it has Super Cleaning Power!

Weight 150 g


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