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The Insect repellent spray was developed as a Safe and effective repellent spray for small children and the whole family. It is 100% Natural and 100% plant based. It comes with a spray applicator for easy use.

It not only a repellent but will sooth bites and itching as we know in the real world you have to be bitten before you take precautions.

How to use: Spray the repellent over the exposed areas and give it a quick rub to spread it evenly. The non oily and non greasy product will absorb into the skin to ensure a longer protection period.

Its not only effective but smells nice too.  Use only as Topical Spray..

I developed this product for my own family as the commercial products available is packed with chemicals and feel greasy on the skin.  I would recommend this for every family that seek healthier choices.

It is available in 100 ml glass bottle with spray for your convenience , its easy to drop into your bag and keep it handy if you need it. We use only glass and recyclable plastic to ensure our packaging is 100% recyclable.  

Key ingredients: Organic Almond Oil , Pure Essential oils. 


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