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AngelFactory Bath Products

Angelfactory Bath Products are the ultimate luxury in personal care. It combines ultimate pampering, the highest quality and all natural skincare, all in one. Whether you love a traditional bar of soap or light and fresh shower gel, we have got you covered. With amazing scents of 100% natural essential oils, you will be sure to find a bar of soap that will suit your needs.

For the best ever bath experience we offer amazing Magnesium Bath salts and soluble Bath oils.

Because our products are all natural and of the highest quality, you can expect benefits like improved overall skin health, healing of skin conditions like dryness, itchiness and excema. With no ingredients like colourants, perfumes or preservatives that will harm your immune system, you will experience improvement in your overall wellbeing.

Suitable for the whole family and all skin types, Angelfactory Bath products is the obvious choice in responsible skincare for your family.